Order Isle of Man registry documents

Order Isle of Man Registry documents.


Very sadly, you cannot obtain copies of documents filed at the Companies Registry from this website (maybe one day we will add this functionality). In the meantime, if you need these documents there are two ways to access them.

(1) The lazy option

All you need to do is ask us to obtain them for you. We are pretty reponsive – we will then order the documents and deliver them to you electronically. (Email / dropbox / Google Drive).

We can also order and collect certificates of goodstanding* (with or without appostile) from the Registrar of Companies. You might want one of these to support a bank account application.

Please contact us  for a quote.

WhatsApp / Telephone: +44 1624 777900

Email: ask@katzand.co

(2) The self service option.

You can obtain the documents yourself by logging in with an Isle of Man Government online services account and visiting the official Isle of Man Companies Registry.

As you would expect, it’s less expensive doing it this way but then it would be wouldn’t it.


*Certificates of Goodstanding are official extracts from the Isle of Man Companies Registry which are issued by the Isle of Man Registrar of companies. (ie the Isle of Man Government).

For 1931 Act companies the certificates include a confirmation that the company is in goodstanding, and also detail the company number, its registered office address, the directors recorded at the registry, the company secretary and registered shareholder at the date of the last annual return. The certificate can be appostiled (or not).

For 2006 Act Companies, the certificate is a bit more limited as the Registered Agent usually holds the information about the directors and the shareholders but it will still show that the company is in goodstanding, its registered office address and the company number.










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