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Company law in the Isle of Man.

Isle of Man Companies Acts.

If you have found your way here then you might, like us, have an unhealthy interest in the legislation governing the incorporation of companies in the Isle of Man. Welcome kindred spirit.

There are actually 4 types distinct types of corporate entity that can be formed in the Isle of Man. These are:-

1931 Act Companies – formed under the Isle of Man Companies Act 1931-2004

2006 Act Companies – formed under the Isle of Man Companies Act 2006

Limited Liability Companies – formed under the 1996 Limited Liability Companies Act

Foundations – formed under the Foundations Act 2012.

The most common are the 1931 and 2006 Act companies and (at present) these are the only ones which are addressed on this website – although you can search for the others.


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Whatever business support services we are providing, our philosophy at Katz & Co. is to ‘help you do it better’.¬† is a free (and hopefully helpful) resource, intended to assist people to :-

(i) Understand the requirements under our Companies legislation – which is quite complicated, particularly in respect of 1931 Act companies and

(ii) Administer their Isle of Man companies more effectively using the array of sample minutes and resolutions which are contained within the various ‘How to’ guides.

If you get stuck with something or if the information you need is not included within the site then you can ask us. We are Chartered Secretaries and Accountants and if we can help you directly, we will do so and if you require the services of an Advocate, a corporate service provider or another professional then we will point you in the right direction.

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