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Isle of Man Immigration (An Explanation)

The Isle of Man is not a part of the United Kingdom – it is a Crown Dependency. The Island’s head of state is the Queen who is known as the “Lord of Mann”.

It is a Parliamentory democracy; its parliament is known as “Tynwald” and it is reputed to be the old continueous parliamentory body in the world. In 1979, the Island celebrated 1000 years of the Tynwald parliament.

The Island is a part of the Common Travel Area (CTA) which is an open borders area comprising the United Kingdom, Ireland and the Channel Islands as well as the Isle of Man.

Persons with the right of abode within the CTA also have the right to live on the Island (although non Manx workers require work permits).

Nationals without the right of abode require immigration visas. 

See our website for detailed more information about visas.

Immigrations rules closely mirror the UK – but are not identical. In particular policies and interpretation of the rules tends to vary significantly. Immigration decisions are made locally by the Islands own immigration service.

Relocation to the Isle of Man 

The Island has one of the highest per capita incomes in the world. It is also very beautiful and residents enjoy an exceptional quality of life. (despite jokes about the weather).

See  “Relocate to the Isle of Man – your questions answered” and our website for more information about relocating to the Isle of Man.




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