Registration of foreign companies in the Isle of Man


Overseas companies which have a place of business in the Isle of Man or hold Manx land are required to register at the Companies Registry under the Foreign Companies Act 2014.

Application requires the delivery of certain documents to the Companies Registry –  within one month of the establishment of the place of business or the acquisition of the land. 

The required documents include the company’s current name and registration number in its jurisdiction of incorporation. These should be submitted on the RegF form together with the prescribed fee (£100 at the time of writing).

As part of the registration process, the Department will consider whether the
name under which the company is incorporated can be used in the Isle of Man.

Where a Company meets the requirement to register under the Foreign Companies Act 2014 it must do so as a foreign company that fails to register, together with its officers, commits and offence.

Like local companies, foreign companies are required to complete and file an annual return (Form ARF) at the companies registry together with the prescribed fee. (£380 at the time of writing). 



Companies House Isle of Man

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