Isle of Man Companies Act 1931

Encompassing the Companies Acts 1931-2004


The first Companies Act in the Isle of Man was the 1865 Act and the first company incoporated under that Act with number 1C was the Isle of Man Bank.

The legislation was rewritten in 1931, largely following the template from the English Companies Act of 1929 resulting in the Isle of Man Companies Act 1931.

Subsequent amendment Acts followed by way of:-

Companies Act, 1961

Companies Act 1968

Companies Act 1974

Companies Act 1982

Companies Act 1986

Companies Act 1992

Single Member Companies Act, 1993

Companies etc (Amendment) Act 2003

Protected Cell Companies Act 2004.

Companies Act (Amendment) Act 2021

Hopefully at some point, they will consolidate the whole thing – like they did in England with the Companies Act 1985 as this would make it much easier to understand.



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